Stewardship Spotlight: With God All Things are Possible

Rosalie Intartaglia approaches life with her arms wide open – open to possibilities, embracing challenges, eager to serve. The abundance of her enthusiasm reflects the boundless blessings of God. Her stewardship is rooted in gratitude for life, family, and faith.

Rosalie’s firm foundation comes from growing up in a loving home where faith and family came first. Her parents merged the values of their Catholic faith, family, and a deep love for one another while living a life of service, gratitude, and joy. Their family saying is “With God all things are possible.” Her mother taught CCD and instilled in Rosalie a love of teaching, which she fulfills now as an advanced mathematics teacher. Her father was president of the parish council and a corporate executive who modeled the human approach to business coupled with an unparalleled work ethic that characterized Rosalie’s success in heading up the IT department of a software development firm within the financial industry. She has a degree in Computer Science, a master’s in finance, and certifications in teaching, supervision, and school administration.

“Every experience I’ve had, good and bad, has brought me closer to God. I model my life after Christ, because I have such great examples in my parents, my husband, and his parents,” explains Rosalie.

When she joined the parish, she felt it was home. “I always felt the tugging at my heart to be more and do more for the Church. People talked about their relationship with Jesus, and I wanted that too. Then, I met Father Michael. For the first time I understood how the whole world was transformed by one man.”
Rosalie transitioned from asking, “what can I do?” to the outward expression, “what can I do to serve others?” Kathy Dulan, former religious education director inspired Rosalie to teach CCD for many years at grades associated with her children Olivia and Dominick. She also became an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

During the COVID shutdown she and her husband Steve practiced the ritual of driving to the Saint Helen parking lot and watching the livestreamed Mass from their car.

She was shaken when Bishop Michael left, yet Monsignor Tom’s appointment as pastor really transformed her and gave her new purpose. His leadership inspired her to assume an attitude of, “put me in coach.” Through watching (and rewatching many times) “The Chosen”, she developed a completely different and real relationship with Jesus. She now sees the apostles as human characters: young, charismatic, diverse and is compelled to discover more about the gospels.

Today, Rosalie “loves learning about Christ and I’m totally hooked now. I strive to serve others and be a lifelong learner of our faith. If we be who God meant us to be, we will set the world on fire. I love my life. I love this parish. I’m so grateful for each day, each person, each encounter. I want to serve God any way I can.”

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