Stewardship Spotlight: Refocus on Lent

At the beginning of Lent, we are full of enthusiasm . “This Lent, I am going to….” We may make promises to ourselves or to others. Perhaps we will attend a small group discussion for the first time or renew our commitment to attend Mass. Maybe we will reflect upon how we are using a gift or talent – with a new way to volunteer. Perhaps we will forgo something desirable like our morning coffee. Or we may decide to increase our financial gifts to support a non-profit organization or Saint Helen.

Whatever the case – how are we doing?

Now, as we see the promise of Easter ahead of us, we can take stock honestly. Perhaps we are doing OK in some areas or even feel gratified by our consistency. It is possible, however, that we want a “do over.” We may have never started something, or perhaps our enthusiasm for dedicating ourselves to daily prayer or calling on an elderly neighbor, has been inconsistent.

God is always open to our desire to start over.

Like the prodigal son’s father, who was lavish in his love and forgiveness for his son and open to a “do over,” God our Father is unending in his unconditional love for us. He is always ready to encourage and support our efforts to love others more, to support those in need, and to contribute beyond the token or superficial gift.

Lent can refocus us to see how we steward the gifts and graces given to us.

Our “do over” will then extend to Easter and beyond.

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