Vacation Bible School

June 24-28, 2024 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

VBS Needs Your Help!

This year for our “Scuba”-themed Vacation Bible School we hope to provide an immersive experience for our kids! Please consider completing one or more of the projects listed and turn it in to the front desk by 6/16. We ask that you use only materials listed so that we can maintain a cohesive look and ensure that the materials are child-safe. Supplies can be picked up at the front desk if you do not have the materials needed. Any questions can be directed to [email protected]. THANK YOU for helping make this week special for our campers! 

Tube Sponges

What you’ll need:

  • 10-inch-wide roll of mesh ribbon

  • stapler

  • scissors

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut 5-7 pieces of ribbon in varying lengths no longer than about 18 inches.

  2. Roll each piece of ribbon to create a tube, turning the ribbon edge under while rolling it.

  3. Staple to secure the tube.

  4. Arrange in groups and staple them to each other.

  5. After stapling together, the bottom of the grouping can be trimmed flat to allow it to stand.

Note: With lots of places on the set to T pin them in, it is not necessary for them to be free standing.

Paper Sea Anemone

What you’ll need:

  • colored paper

  • paper cutter or a cutting mat and X-Acto knife

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • tape

  • spray paint

What you’ll do:

  1. On the short edge of the paper, measure in 3 inches and draw a faint line down the paper.

  2. Next turn the paper on the long edge and mark every 1/4-½ inch.

  3. Make a cut from the edge of the paper to the 3-inch line every 1/4-½ inch all across the length of the paper.

  4. Wrap in a tube, and tape together at the base.

  5. Spray paint for added color.

Long Fringe Coral

What you’ll need:

  • colorful tissue paper

  • scissors

  • skewers

  • glue stick

What you’ll do:

  1. Fold the tissue paper into long, narrow pieces, about 4x20 inches.

  2. To create a fringed edge, cut the open edge about every ¼ inch, stopping before the fold.

  3. Grab one piece of fringed tissue paper and a skewer. Starting at the top, add lots of glue to the skewer. Wrap the fringed tissue paper tightly around the stick, adding more glue as you go. Repeat the process until the stick is covered.

Faux Feather Coral

What you’ll need:

  • solid color tissue paper in a bright hue

  • scissors

  • skewer

What you’ll do:

  1. Begin with 8 pieces of tissue paper 20” long by 8” stacked on top of each other.

  2. Fold the stacked tissue paper in half, creating a long, narrow, folded strip.

  3. Cut a fringed edge on the non-folded side of the tissue paper stack.

  4. Separate the sheets of the fringe so they are 1-ply.

  5. Cover the top portion of a skewer with glue.

  6. Press the tissue paper to the skewer.

  7. Rough it up.

  8. Add another layer of fringed tissue paper, attach it to the stick, and separate any fringes that may be stuck together. Repeat until the stick is fluffy and full.

Spiky Coral

What you’ll need:

  • pool noodle

  • serrated knife

What you’ll do:

  1. Fold a pool noodle and cut it in half.

  2. Cut long blades from the pool noodle, stopping about 2-3 inches from the end of the pool noodle. (A hot knife works best for cutting, or a serrated knife works too.)

  3. Attach any loose blades to the pool noodle base using tape or a zip tie.

Pool Noodle Coral-O’s

What you’ll need:

  • pool noodles

  • hot knife

  • wooden skewers or long marshmallow roasting sticks

  • yardstick or tape measure

  • scraps of 2-inch foam

  • Beach Plastic Backdrop

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut 1-inch pool noodle slices.

  2. Thread slices onto wooden skewers.

Coffee Filter Coral

What you’ll need:

  • coffee filters

  • food coloring (gel gives the best color)

  • plastic or foam plate

  • cup of water

  • pipe cleaners

What you’ll do:

  1. Lay out the plastic tablecloth.

  2. Put gloves on.

  3. Add 4-5 drops of food coloring in the cup of water. Mix with a stir stick.

  4. Pour the colored water on the plate.

  5. Place a stack of 10 filters upside down in the food coloring mixture.

  6. Continue this process until you have about 50 fi lters colored.

  7. Spread out the filters on a plastic tablecloth and allow to dry overnight.

  8. Punch hole with a toothpick or holepunch through center of a stack of filters

  9. Curl one end of a pipe cleaner

  10. String filters onto the pipe cleaner

Egg Carton Barnacles

What you'll need:

  • egg cartons

  • scissors

  • Exacto knife or box cutter

  • white paint

What you'll do:

  1. Cut individual casings out of egg cartons

  2. With box cutter, make slits into top of egg casings (makes a starter for scissors)

  3. With scissors, cut circular pattern on top of casings

  4. Paint casings

Note: If you would like to simply cut them out and turn them in, we will be happy to paint them for you!

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