Pre-Mass Screen Submission

Pre-Mass Screen Announcement Submission

At Saint Helen we display Pre-Mass Announcements before our weekend services. The Pre-Mass Announcements are intended for communicating information that affects all parishioners, protentional parishioners, and guests visiting our parish. Only major events have access to this communication channel.

Pre-Mass Screen submission guidelines:
Each submission should contain a title and a maximum of 3 sentences. Depending on space available, your items may be shortened or condensed to meet space requirements. The purpose of the Pre-Mass Screens are to inform parishioners, potential parishioners, and guests of upcoming events or of an event.

When submitting your request please remember to include the following information:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Location
  • Brief description of your event or ministry being promoted

Pre-Mass Submission Deadline: the Friday 8 days prior to publishing.
*Please be aware of early holiday deadlines*

Please note all communication on our Pre-Mass screens must first be approved by the Communications Coordinator and Pastor, not all submissions are guaranteed publication.

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