Parish Database

mySaintHelen is our new parish database. Here are some guidelines to assist us in keeping your records current.


Your Name

·      If you have a nick name, enter it in the “Goes By” field (this field is only for first names)

·      Do not use the field “Alternate Name”

·      For women only,:

    • If applicable change your surname to the name you would like to use (married name vs. maiden name)
    • If you go by your married surname, please add your maiden name in the field titled Former Name



·      Confirm that your email is correct. Add an alternate email only if you would like communications to go to a second address as well (Your spouse will have their own record, so no need to put in a spouse’s email on your record)

·      Confirm that your home number is correct and that your area code is included

·      Enter your cell phone number with area code

·      In order to receive communications by text, please check the box under you cell phone for SMS Opt In



·      Confirm that your family members are listed and their information is correct

o   If a family member is missing from our records, please email [email protected]

o   If you have an adult child who does not live at home but they are listed as a member please email us at [email protected]

o   Upload your individual picture as well as a family picture

o   If you have extended family members in the parish let us know. We can add them as a related family on your record.


If you have any questions please send a message to [email protected]


Please use the link below to login to your record.  

Thank you for taking the time to update your record in our new database.

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