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Lent is here, and it's more than just a season—it's an invitation to take a meaningful journey towards the incredible promise of Easter. It’s a time to remember that we’re Made for Heaven.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, we get back to basics with three key actions: prayer, fasting, and giving. Prayer connects us with God, helping us find direction and comfort. Fasting isn't just about giving up our favorite snacks; it's a way to share in a small part of Jesus’ sacrifice, making us stronger and bringing us closer to Him. And when we give to others, we’re spreading the love and kindness that Jesus taught us.

This Lent, we’ll walk step-by-step with Jesus, exploring how we can live more like Him and get ready for the Heavenly Feast He's preparing for us:

Week 1: Facing Temptation. We’ll see how standing strong makes us resilient.

Week 2: Witnessing the Transfiguration. It’s about getting a sneak peek of the glory that's waiting for us, inspiring us to keep going.

Week 3: Embracing Cleansing. We’re making space in our hearts for more of what matters.

Week 4: Stepping into the Light. It's time to leave the shadows behind and see the world with new eyes.

Week 5: Celebrating Glory. We're getting ready to share in Jesus' big win, His Resurrection, which shows us the way to Heaven.

As Easter approaches, let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Jesus’ victory over sin and death, which is the ultimate proof that we were Made for Heaven. Let's make this Lent a time to grow, to change, and to get closer to the life God wants for us.
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