Resurrection Praxis | The Greek word praxis is the root of our English word “practice” – in the sense of a law or medical practice: a professional practice with a mission statement.  It is the action of people who are free, who are able to act for themselves.

We read from the Acts (Praxis) of the Apostles during the Easter season (both daily & Sunday Liturgy).  In this book, we see the practice of discipleship in the early church after Jesus’ triumphant victory over death – His Resurrection. The praxis of every disciple of the Risen Christ is to follow Him and share the Good News.  

Over the next 5 weeks, we will look at 5 practices that distinguished the early Church as they went out on Mission to evangelize and share the Gospel.  May our hearts and minds be open to incorporate these practices into our own faith journey to follow the Lord Jesus and share the Good News:

2nd Sunday: Attractive Togetherness
3rd Sunday: Joyful Courage (Peter’s Reversal)
4th Sunday: Redefined Chosenness
5th Sunday: Renewing Love
6th Sunday: Empowering Animation

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