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Mentor Playbook

Step 1 Leader Guides


  • Each session should start on time and be limited to 60-75 minutes
  • Strategies listed here are recommendations, it is the responsibility of the facilitator to decide how to implement the material
  • Please read Pg. 23-25 “The Role of the Small Group Leader in the Called and Gifted Team Training Manual
  • When asking questions please provide ample “wait time” for all the members of the group to think about how to respond to the question. You should decide the appropriate length of time based on the type of question asked.
  • We are a listening ministry. Not simply a presentation of facts and terms.  Encourage listening by all.  Use good example.
  • All participants are expected to read and complete the self- study prior to the group meeting. This is especially important to announce prior to the first session. 
  • Before each meeting be sure to ask if there was any difficulty in accessing the material and if there was anything they heard in the videos or saw in the material that they have a question about.

Step 3 Leader Guides

Other Resources

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